Menudo: Soup for the Soul

More than a meal, this bowl of spicy, gelatinous, umami rich stew of chiles, tripe, & posole was made with love. As a weary traveler, there are few things more comforting than a warm bowl of soup. This particular stew is made every Saturday and Sunday by the owners grandmother and its flavors, simultaneously mysterious and familiar, are proof that some things are truly greater than the sum of their parts. This was my first meal of choice upon arriving in my old stomping grounds near my Alma Mater, Northern Arizona University, this past fall. It was a day trip to reconnect with the place I called home for 4 years while in school, and to explore some familiar tastes, smells and sights. Flagstaff is packed with wonderful local restaurants that are littered amongst the large chains that tend to dominate towns of its size. Sometimes, you find a perfectly executed meal at an opportune time, and this was one of those times. I have never been one to hide my excitement and joy over a particular meal or venue when nostalgia kicks in. This affection will not go wasted, as I hope to recreate this recipe in my own home, so that more people can discover this delicious dish from south of the border. Stay tuned, recipe to come!

Tacos Los Altos, Flagstaff, AZ Nov.2012

I also ordered a side plate of lengua tacos which were stuffed with these meltingly tender, succulent chunks of beef tongue. Some of the best lengua tacos I've had anywhere

I also ordered a side plate of lengua tacos which were stuffed with these meltingly tender, succulent chunks of beef tongue. Some of the best lengua tacos I’ve had anywhere

That is essentially how I wrote my opening post before reading it back to myself.

Funny thing happened when I read it to myself during a half-ass spell check.

I seemed to have lost my sense of humor in a lame attempt to sound whimsical!!

After having a chuckle at my own expense I’ve come to the conclusion that this whole food blog project can be so much more to me than tracking my culinary eating and cooking escapades (and of course my proclivity for food porn).

It can be my creative outlet for writing! Or more specifically, to let down my corporate formatted email hair and just let my personality flow out like my brain intended. Hope you enjoy the rest of my recipe and dining posts from hence forth oh random blogger friends!

P.S. I wasn’t kidding about the mushy love affair I had with that bowl of menudo though. That stuff was the bees knees and I am going to master a slightly altered copy-cat recipe even if it kills me.

5 responses to “Menudo: Soup for the Soul

  1. Not even close to being a bad first post (believe me, I know). I’m commenting almost a year after this was written, so it seems that things have worked out nicely for you. Keep it up. Ken

    • HI Ken, thanks for the kind words. I in fact started this blog just this week, including this entry, so 3 is all I have uploaded and posted at the moment. But I have planned and archived many recipes and food journeys to come, so I hope to stay in touch!


      • Sorry. My brain is made of cheesecloth today. I saw that you started in 2013, but my brain then processed it as 2012. Congratulations on starting out with menudo, one of the world’s great dishes–it shows good taste, a sense of humor (who can eat menudo w/out smiling at the thought of what your friends would think if you told them what was in it) and culinary fortitude as well. I’ll be back. Ken

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