My Little Piggy

My Little Piggy


n. Slang
A person who has an ardent or refined interest in food; a gourmet.
Although the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, foodies differ from 
gourmets in that gourmets are epicures of refined taste, whereas foodies are amateurs who simply love food for consumption, study, preparation, and news.

My name is Nic Harmston and for as long as I can remember, the kitchen has been seducing me. Its siren sound seems to have sucked me in for good and it has become harder to deny the one truth of my life.

I… am in love with food.

Now that that’s off my chest let me tell you a little about my life. Growing up, I had two loving parents, each of whom had their own culinary quirks and tastes. My mother had a southern/soul food inclination whereas my father was the second coming of Grizzly Adams. Big beard and an affection for wild game paired with garden grown greens were his calling card.

And then there was me, and I wanted to try everything. Food, I was once told,  is a universal world currency – and the great thing is that cuisine changes substantially everywhere you travel! If I couldn’t travel the world (8th grade problems!) then damnit I was going to research an authentic meal and try my hand at it.

As you can imagine, there have been many many failures in this quest, but I have no regrets. Each time I learned a new skill, or acquired a new taste for something that was once foreign to me. I always took something away from those challenges and think that’s the most important thing for anyone learning to cook.

From about 8th grade on, cooking the family meals multiple nights a week became my creative outlet. It was the blend of my parents passed down personalities no doubt. My father, an artist (www.harmstonarts.com) and my mother, the curious intellect.

Food has always been a brilliant combination of the two sides of the brain for me. My left side demands to know the science behind cooking processes, and the right side inspires passion for putting elements together that become an edible work of art.

Through this blog I hope to inspire the passion for cooking and eating for others out there who may feel the same way. With a long list of tried and true recipes, an endless stack of cookbooks from my culinary idols, and a passion for seeking out authentic recipes from all over the world, I am ready share great eats.

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  1. Thanks for liking, and following! Your blog looks great. The posts make me so hungry; making it very difficult to stay on the healthy eating new years resolution. Look forward to your future posts =)

    • Thank you for the kind words. Still trying to figure my way around this blogging life. I will be joining you on the healthier new years, even if my blog posts highlight my indulgences! I look forward to following you as well!

  2. Nic, you’re a gal after my own heart =) I think we’re kindred spirits, or at least foodie sisters separated at birth, lol. Speak the word, sister, speak the word!

    Love what you’re doing here and so glad to have stumbled upon your little corner of the foodie woods — what a treat! And LOVE the name — how can one NOT be cured by bacon? 😉 Truly delightful — look forward to many future posts.

    With warm bacon wishes,


    • Thanks for the kind words Christina! Does it change your perception to know that I am a guy after your own heart? Haha I now realize that my about section was a little unspecific and my girl is in the profile pic, but nonetheless I appreciate the thought put into your comment. Thanks again, I hope to have many more blog posts up soon!

  3. Thanks for checking out my recent recipe and following Miss Chris Creations! I need to try out that candied bacon sometime soon too 🙂


    • Thanks for the follow. I have always wanted to travel to India, I think I could give up bacon for a bit if need be 🙂 I look forward to seeing your future posts!


  4. Hey Nic! I saw that you started following my blog. My pork recipe must have lured you in! I love the support of having you as a follower. The support of sharing my blog with others is the best form of flattery you can give me! Thanks so much. I look forward to reading more of your articles.
    From one food lover to another!

  5. Nic – I love what you’ve done with this Oxygen Theme. Your slideshow images are just brilliant and everything looks, so, just, damn delicious! I look forward to more.

    • Thank you! The feeling is mutual! you have a great eye for photography, I hope I can take pics as lovely as yours someday! I will be following your blog.


  6. Far out. I just looked at the title of your blog and immediately clicked ‘follow’. It’s all about the bacon. Always bacon. But in saying that, your blog is awesome (now that I’ve actually taken the time to read it!!). Great recipes and also an instruction to sous vide which I’ve always been curious about but never tried… as yet. Can’t wait to read your archives Mr Harmston. Bacon & BBQ lovers unite.

    • Always Bacon! Haha thanks for the follow and the kind words! Im glad you enjoyed the Sous-vide bit, I am actually in a sous-vide BBQ test phase at the moment as part of the Sous-Vide Supreme Summer Blogger BBQ Challenge. Hope I can do a fellow BBQ lover proud and get some good stuff posted soon!


      • Sous vide BBQ? Sounds intriguing but awesome! Will definitely look out for your new posts and read them whilst eating ice-cream. P.S have you tried bacon ice-cream? I tried it about two months ago with bourbon caramel sauce and it did my head in. So good. But so weird. My brain could not compute!

  7. I have just found an incredible food blog! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog today and directed my attention over here. 🙂 I think I could spend hours combing through your recipes page. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for following! I’m really happy to have found you and your blog. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and I love your writing. I look forward to checking out your past and future posts! 🙂

  9. Stumbled across your blog/site when googling French inspired recipes. Just finished eating BASQUE PIPÉRADE WITH FRESH EGGS and can say it was superb! Thank you, love your site. Looking forward to trying some more recipes of yours.

      • Can see why, and was lovely to read your story behind the inspiration first which I told to my guests first. Sorry about the Car!! It’s 22:30 here in the UK, time to wash it all down with a fine bottle of Carb Sav! Many Thanks

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